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Dinner for One
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Image by meganpru
Baked potato w/ tofu & bean chili topped with soy cheese. Asparagus is soooo yummy! And my beverages are Rogue Brewery’s Kells Irish Ale and some agua. My dinner reading is the newest issue of Adbusters.

Swell Salad Sandwich Smash
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Image by andso
Day late posting.

A recipe from It’s a garbanzo bean salad mash-up. It’s good. It loses all structural integrity as a sandwich – or on toast I should say. Think I will like this better over some greens. A bit of cottage cheese on the side. I sprinkle it with Mrs. Dash seasoning.

tomato soup
4334577696 3d56940bd6 Dinner for One

Image by sassyradish
Tomato Soup on

button Dinner for One

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